CMS & Ecommerce development

Are you looking to grow your business by creating an online store for your products or create a website for your company? Are you in search of how to improve your company’s presence in the online market or automate everyday processes with web applications? Then hire your own custom software development company, Codifyninjas, to serve your needs. We offer the best CMS and E-Commerce services that your business would need to integrate all its existing assets on the online platform.

E-Commerce development services include providing the right digital marketing strategies, Web-Page design, Open Source development, Cloud Management etc.

In the ever-changing e-commerce market, it is a challenging task to choose a platform that suits your business needs. We help you ease that stress by selecting the best platform you would require to promote your business.

Leading platforms like WordPress and Magneto are some of our company’s most valued offerings.

  • WordPress

Is an open-source content management system that simplifies the process of designing and creating a webpage or blog.

  • Magneto

Is a flexible, customizable and agile E-Commerce development platform that can provide your business with an extraordinarily customer-friendly and reliable website.

We also provide Content Management strategies, which helps to maintain control over an entire workflow of the organization. It has become essentiality to manage the content at the company’s webpages as it helps simplify the business processes and data inflow and outflow in an efficient way.

Both WordPress and Magneto are extensively used in our services to provide our clients a seamless CMS and E-Commerce solution, customized according to your needs.

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