QA & Software testing

Under our QA services, we make sure companies can use high-quality software with reduced error rates and defects within the stipulated time frame. The latest technologies and quality assurance standards are leveraged to maintain the quality and efficiency of the software at various developmental stages.

Being a custom software development company, we offer you various software testing services including Functional Testing, Automation Testing, Performance Testing and Security testing. Different techniques like Black Box testing, White Box Testing, Agile Testing are used to provide you with accurate product quality details at each stage.

  • Functional Testing helps ensure your software meets the specifications of each component used. We base our test cases on the criteria imposed on software components.
  • Automation Testing employs automated tools to bring out the bugs in your software and here the testing is very accurate as no manual mind work is involved.
  • We also offer Performance Testing that analyses your software for its scalability, reliability, and stability in conditions of high workload. This ensures the software so created does not break down in critical conditions.
  • Different Security Testing techniques like Cross-site Scripting, Injection, Insecure Direct Object References are employed which maintains the confidentiality, integrity, and authentication of the software being developed.

A good testing algorithm and QA service can help an enterprise minimize the risk and cost of the product, and here at Codifyninjas, we make sure you can rely on us for software testing service.

Many big companies trust us with their software testing requirements. Our expert team manages the product lifecycle and monitors its progress closely to deliver an error-free software on time.